Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Freedom and Slumber BOOKED

Thanks everyone! I am super amped about this! Within a matter of hours the Freedom and Slumber event was filled up! It's going to be an incredible experience and I'll be sending out an email to all my new friends today or tomorrow so we can get things rocking! Sweet!


Gerald & Airika said...

bummer! maybe next time.

Deyl said...

i can come make a presentation about the proper way to do a gainer off your balcony into the pool if you'd like :)

Unknown said...

are you going to tell us how much money you made doing this too?

|| davidjay || said...

Yea Deyl! Friday night you better be there! That'd be sick! We'll heat up the pool for ya and this time you have to wear a swimsuit.

Mike - sure - I'm very open about how much I make and last night on the LIVE Freedom Club chat I shared how much I make on certain weddings over other weddings. I'm guessing I'll probably make around $10k. On average I make $1-$2k a day sleeping so you can be certain that I'm not doing this for the money. :)

drago said...

hahahaha, that's funny dj. mike your kinda a tool.

Unknown said...

People pay you to sleep? I'm in the wrong business.

There's nothing wrong with doing it for money, but if you aren't, why charge at all (other than covering your costs)?

|| davidjay || said...

Value and sustainability my friend :)

Unknown said...

Sustainability? How so?

Sure, there's some value in it. Just not sure why you're so adamant about not being in it for the money. Why not just say "I'm providing a valuable service and I want/deserve to get paid for it"? That's how I look at my businesses.

Garrett Nudd Photography Blog said...

I'm curious to know who gets to sleep under the mirror?


Congrats! I'm sure it's going to be a great workshop!


Daniel J. Watkins said...

You must be a really good sleeper.

Bobby Earle said...

So I was kind of shocked to see someone ask you how much you were going to make off of this. Then I was even more shocked to see you respond so openly (and charitably, for that matter). Really cool on your part ;)


p.s. anyway you could give us a headsup after this one to see if you're going to do another one (so some of us poor folk can start saving in advance:)? I SO WANT to have a slumber party with a bunch of wedding photographers that I could learn a ton from. Just a selfish idea of my own because I really want to go to one of these!!!

Unknown said...


Don't be shocked. I'm pretty sure the comment was partly sarcasm in response to DJ's newsletter.

After all, multiplying 10 by $1,500 isn't exactly rocket science.

Bobby Earle said...

Hi Ed,
I wasn't terribly shocked or anything - just a little, that's all. It wasn't really even the question as much as it was how it was worded. I could have totally read it wrong, but it didn't seem like it was coming from the kindest of places. Personal questions without knowing someone personally tend to be qualified with prior kindness or admiration - so the person getting asked knows you mean no harm. But like I said, I could have read it wrong :)

Either way, my greater point was that I am so used to most people getting highly offended with questions about income that it was a breath of fresh air to see someone not at all bothered by it, that's all. I probably should have been more clear and stuck with that point ;)

Unknown said...

Bobby, you make a good point.

On the other hand, considering that (a) income is a very private thing and (b) most private companies in the photo industry don't disclose their income, what could compel someone to state that information without being asked?

I wonder what kind of place that comes from ...

|| davidjay || said...

Hey "I Go By Ed" - I was asked. Read the comments :) Also, why do you continue to post anonymously? Seems odd?

Unknown said...

I read it. There's a "too" at the end of the question. Why do you think that is? Read the comments :)

|| davidjay || said...

"I go by Ed" - I encourage you to come out and stop posting anonymously. Your life won't go anywhere if you don't even have the courage to stand behind your comments.

I would suggest that you seek to celebrate others success otherwise you will sound bitter and resentful and it's likely that success will come to you if you change your approach.


drago said...

"i go by tool" - your kinda a tool too.

dj - why so many tools lately?

Nu Energy Weightloss said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...


In all honesty, I assumed you knew who I was. Anonymity was never my intention. Making judgements about the direction of my life or my level of "success" without knowing my identity seem a bit presumptuous. I am beyond that, however.

I can celebrate the business and financial success of others, but only to a degree. I do not feel it is worth striving for or boasting of. Therefore, when someone increasingly celebrates their own success, I don't see the need to join them. I would much rather ask hard questions, even when no one else will. That was the goal of my comments.

By many standards, my business has been a success on par with that of yours. However, I've found that type of success often brings more temptations. I deal with them myself and I've seen other people succumb to them. I must constantly remind myself that blessings come in spite of my failings, not because of my abilities.

I have my savior, my wife, my children, and I spend my working hours doing what I love in the company of my closest friends. That is my success. What is yours?

There is clearly contention in this thread of comments. It shouldn't happen between two people who share the same faith and I apologize for my part in that. In fact, should I see you in Tampa, I will offer you that apology–and a handshake–in person.

Nonetheless, the hard questions I've stated or implied (however poorly worded) still remain. I do not expect you to answer them here and I do not plan to leave any further comments.


Erik Dungan ("ed")

Whoever trusts in his riches will fall, but the righteous will flourish like a green leaf.
Proverbs 11:28

Bobby Earle said...

I know DJ can handle himself, but I can't help. DJ, I won't be offended at all if you delete my post :)

Just so you're aware, you've passive-aggressively accused DJ of boasting about/gloating in his successes. You've felt the need to lecture him about the temptations that come alongside success (when that had absolutely nothing to do with your original antagonism) - which leads me to believe that you feel you have that area handled enough to lecture a DJ who doesn't.

Being grateful and open about your success is perfectly legitimate. And the scriptures actually encourage us to mourn with those who mourn and to rejoice with those who rejoice. DJ doesn't rub his success in our noses. He spends a lot of time sharing his methods of success. I find that kind and valuable. Then you leave a verse that says that people shouldn't trust in their riches - implying that DJ trusts in his. Talk about throwing a brick covered in velvet. I find it dangerous when Christians use the scriptures to make accusations that they cannot be sure of.

Look, as far as I know, you're a great guy, loving husband, responsible father, and loyal friend. I just feel you've decided that you know more about DJ than you actually do. If you really feel he might have problems with celebrating his riches, it seems to me that you would have taken appropriate measure to let him know of that (a PRIVATE email). The fact that you have been doing all of this publicly and with very little tact/charity leads me to believe that your greatest concern might not have been helping DJ out, but rather showing everyone who thinks he's so great that he's not. That strikes me as cutting down the other flowers to make oneself appear taller. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's my honest take on it ;)

Bobby Earle

kennykimdotcom said...

I love all reading about all the heated discussions in this blog! I nominate DJ for the governor of california after arnold retires! :)