Sunday, December 16, 2007

Don't let Christmas get cracked!

I've gotta admit that this past week was one of the worst weeks of my
year. :( ... I dunno what it is but it seems that so many things come
to a head at the end of the year and everyone is under extra stress
and extra pressure and I've seen a change in myself and in nearly
every one of my friends.

I'm sure we are not the only ones going through this and I want to
encourage everyone to be aware and extra sensitive to others in this
time because I know personally when I suffer from what Tim Sanders
calls "the scarcity of time disease" I'm miserable and I have a
tendency to only think about myself and that has a spiralling effect.

Also, set expectations and get to the heart of issues instead of just
putting bandaids on them. This requires openness and honesty AND
vulnerability which isn't comfortable at the time but is a necessity
for any lasting relationship.

Happy Sunday!


Patricia Wells said...

Big hugs to you.

J said...

Dude, isn't that what Holiday season is all about...stress, buying lots of stuff and digging out of snow storms. How could that bring the worst out of people?? You live in sunny SB..that has to make it a bit easier. Keep smile'n...that helps!

Sheyb said...

I don't comment often, but I so needed this blog post today! It's so weird! I was thinking earlier today that while the holidays are such a wonderful time, they can also seem to bring out the worst in people and me. Seems like the simplest things can make our days, or weeks turn sour. Here is hoping to a better holiday season. For you, and everyone else. :)

Merry Christmas! And, Happy 2008!

Gary Fong, Author said...


Arrrrgh! AAAAH!

Ginger Murray said...

Worst two weeks EVER for me.... Or maybe month..?
I'm glad I'm not alone... but at same time, this type of stress is not something you'd want others to have to expereience.

I wish Christmas time was as fun as it used to be when we were kids.

Blessings to you, and every busy business person... the new year is just around the corner... I try to keep remembering that.

Unknown said...


....even from under a foot of snow in Kansas!

Unknown said...

It's Laudate Sunday, DJ!

That's Latin for "give thanks"!

A new dawn is ALMOST here! HANG IN THERE!

Deyl said...

abundance of time is right around the corner :)

Chavia said...

Thanks for the complements! I am addicted to Colbie Caillat.

Kat said...

I hardly ever comment but I totally hear ya. This year it got to me and I am so bummed. I spent a whole week in a tail spin and then (of course) my whole family got crazy sick. That lead to a bigger case of the grumps. I am looking back on it now and I realize that it isn't a life or death issue or world peace it is just trying to live up to the pressure to have a "Martha Stewart Christmas". But I am over it now and I am going to do everything in my power to fight it next year and the year after that.

Thanks for being an encouragement (as always) you are able to help put things in perspective and motivate me to a better me. :)
Merry CHRIST-mas!

shaunaustin said...

It is hard not to get wrapped up in the things that make Christmas stressful. The world is changing all of the time at a very fast pace. There seems to be only a short amount of time to be a "History maker". DJ, you are doing amazing things in the industry and people like you for who you are so try not to let business and times like Christmas change who you are. I know that you are going to be alone on Christmas this year but imagine what you have done for so many people in their career as a photographer. You have helped people have a great Christmas. God bless and have a great holiday. Enjoy the thing that HE has blessed you with.

Michael + Anna Costa said...

This is my plan for next year so that I don't freak out again:
1. All Xmas shopping done BEFORE Thanksgiving
2. Studio Manager takes care of getting all my clients whatever last minute things they need for Xmas(not me)
3. Trying very hard not to travel!!



Daniel J. Watkins said...

I suppose it's cliche to say things could be worse...but I'm gonna say it anyway. At least you don't have crabby customers AND kids puking all over the house. (Well, if people are puking all over the Freedom can kick them out...not so when they are your own kiddos...LOL)

|| davidjay || said...

Thanks everyone! It's always comforting to know you're not alone in your feelings and this week has been wonderful so far. :)