Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Simple Photo Minute

All good things must come to an end... :( so tomorrow we head home but it's been an amazing vacation and because we have to head to the airport tomorrow Gary brought us down the mountain to stay in the castle tonight and we just finished watching a movie in his movie theater! and I can never just watch a movie so I had my laptop open ( so did Amy, Mike, and Gary - haha ) and I just got so amped because I saw that Dane Sanders posted his first online show!!!

This really is the coolest thing ever that he is doing through Simple Photo Life and I'm so stoked that he got one out so definitely tune in every Wednesday to see the latest shows!

***Click Here*** to see the first one!



Grisanti said...

Love it! Looking forward to more! Great job, Dane!

Melissa Carl said...

Hey... hope your trip home wasn't to bad. Just wanted to say thanks for coming up to hang out with us. It was nice to have you all here. (even though I had to hear all Gary's stories over and over... he likes to talk a lot)
Stupid... Wow!... bunch of retards trying to order their meal around here. lol


|| davidjay || said...

Hahaha...thanks for having us!!! I haven't been on vacation in years and I couldn't imagine having more fun than I did this last week!

When does Spring officially start? hehe....stupid.

amynave said...

How sad "all good things must come to an end". Lets start planning for next time:P------It was DJ's idea:)

Melissa Carl said...

Yeah... can you guys come up anytime between June 5th (monday) through like June 22nd (thursday)

We need to block off the castle if you guys come so that we have room for all of you.

Let us know when you can.


|| davidjay || said...

Yeeeeeaaaaaa! You girls are so awesome! Already planning!!! I love it!!!! I checked my schedule earlier today and I'm good almost the whole time - I just have a wedding in Colorado on the 17th so I'd just need to cruise out then. I don't know how I'm gonna wait that long especially since we're already talking and getting excited about it!


amynave said...

Oh I am already getting exctied about next time. Looks like I am pretty open during that time as well. wooohooooo!!!! Can't wait!!!!

|| davidjay || said...


I talked to Beckstead tonight and he's in too!