Monday, November 03, 2008

Another Sweet Showit Site!

I love this website! I saw one of Wayne Toshikazu's original designs and I was like this dude is gonna make a rocking site and he sure did!

Be sure to go check it out! Totally different, totally unique! Killer job!

Click here to see his site!


ANDREAS said...

That's what I'm talking about.
Very nice design, thought out, original. NOT a template..they started from nothing and made an original site.
Really elegant.

Wayne Toshikazu said...

Thanks so much, DJ! Showit Sites is awesome. :)

And thanks to you too, Andreas, for the comment!

Michael Costa said...

Wayne is such a cool cat, love him & his site.

cu4photos said...

Really, really elegant! Beautifully done.

Ginger Murray said...

Great site, Wayne! Beautiful, unique, and it really shows off your images (which are stunning). - the Creative Goddess said...

Such a gorgeous site... you must be so proud DJ to see your baby out in the world...

Just read an interesting investment article i thought you might be interested in on itty biz ~

Wishing you a gorgeous day!

Bobby Earle said...

Showit sites is so amazing that you can make one without even knowing that it was a showit site!!! This thing looks so good!