Wednesday, September 02, 2009

These shoes were made for Dancin!

A few weeks ago Christianne took me to a super fun wedding out in Houston and the photographers there did an INCREDIBLE job! Chip Gillespie from Studio 563 knocked it outta the park with these pics and he even snagged a couple of Christianne and I dancing. :)

Click here to see more pictures from the wedding.

Checkout our shoes! I love them!

I told her that I wanted to wear sneakers and she was not feeling it because she thought I was gonna wear nike running shoes or something and I was like no - no - no just trust me and so we picked out a pair of true religion kicks to go with my suit. It was pretty funny because I rode with her dad on the way to the wedding and he caught a glimpse of my shoes and then kept peeking over as we were driving probably wondering what on earth I was wearing and I was trying to hide them way under the dash so he wouldn't see them. lol

Anyway. We had a great time!


jamiedelaine said...

DEEJ! I love shoes like that. Sneakers and suits are adorable: I love when groomsmen dress like that--sweet style. Christianne has hot heels, holy cow!

Jasmine said...

Uhhh, homie, you were WAAAAAY out-dressed. I think JD needs to take you shopping...and I think we'll need a black Amex card to outfit you! ;)

kennykimdotcom said...

Nice - does this mean we're gonna see you on the next season of Dancing With The Stars?

Sara France Photography said...

Good to see you on the dance floor! You look great out there.

Ash - Fort Wayne area Wedding Photographer said...

"I was trying to hide them way under the dash so he wouldn't see them." To funny I'd do the same thing

Brian said...

Check out #64
They were pretty adamant about losing the sneakers.

Sophie said...

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juliestoryphotography said...

You actually look like you can lead pretty well! The shoes add.. umm personality and's a creative statement... :D